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Nov 10, 2009 4:00pm EST
. he will be tried in a military court. >>> former astronaut lisa nowak, pleads guilty in the nasa nowak love triangle. >> nowak pleaded guilty to one felony, burglary of a car, and one misdemeanor, battery. nowak agreed to the playplea today -- the plea today to avoid a trial scheduled for next month. she is accused of driving straight from houston to orlando, bringing along diapers so she wouldn't have to stop for the bathroom. she went to confront a romantic rival. shipman said she is still recovering. >>> an upscale new york high school is put on lockdown when a gunman takes the principal hostage. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a sprawling middle and high school campus in upstate new york, with guns drawn, as a student made a daring escape from a window. the drama unfolded just before 8:00 a.m. at hissing mountain school at pine plains. about 90 miles north of new york city. town officials say former student, 42-year-old christopher craft, walked into the building and took the principal hostage. >> he produced a firearm, after he got into the school. and then he barrica
Nov 11, 2009 4:00pm EST
with prosecutors to plead guilt to lesser charges. >> reporter: former astronaut lisa nowak walked into the courtroom thursday. she had to admit her guilt. but perhaps worse, she had to face the woman she's accused of driving across the country to attack. romantic rival, colleen shipman. >> i'm 100% sure that nowak was coming here to murder me. >> reporter: nowak, disguised in a wig and pepper spray, confronted shipman in an orlando parking lot. shipman got away. >> now, almost three years later, i'm still reeling from her vicious attack, and i'm still trying to put my life back together. >> i am sincerely sorry for causing fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure that you have suffered. >> reporter: nowak won't go to jail. she's sentenced to time already served and one year probation. kelly cobiella, cbs news, miami. >> nowak told the judge that it would be no problem to stay away from her ex-boyfriend and shipman. nowak grew up in montgomery county and graduated from the u.s. naval academy. >>> can the markets continue the winning streak on wall street? th
Nov 24, 2009 4:00pm EST
senator lisa gladden. she is smiling more often than not considering the high-stakes of this. here is andy levee on the jury so far. >> it does suggest that positions may be hardening or they have at least reached agreement on the state of the evidence, certain premises in terms of basic principles and that now what's going on is discussion of where this leads. does this lead to guilt? does this lead to innocence? >> reporter: count 1, the felony left count carries a 15 year, $25,000 fine, maximum sentence, so there is some high- stakes here, and once again we have just heard that the judge is asked for attorneys from both sides, so there could be a note. there could be something more. we're going to go back up and find out, and we'll see you again very shortly depending on what it is. >>> mike, thank you. we'll talk to you later. state with us for complete coverage. meafer bubala and a team of reporters are following the case and we'll bring you the verdict as soon as the jury reaches one. >>> two baltimore county schools are on lockdown after a domestic shooting in the area. shots ran ou
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3